My Original Desire to Learn Programming.

My original desire to learn programming centered around making games. I learned to program by reading other NPCs (Non Playable Characters) scripts in a game called Graal Online, of which has a large following (WAH??). There was a simple level editor of which I spent hours playing around with. The level editor had a simple script editor with C like syntax. That is where I discovered my love for programming and games. I hope, on this adventure, to rediscover them.

So I am learning Unity and hopefully will make some neeto VR games.

I kept game programming all the way through college. Granted I rarely wrote anything passed concept, hand wrote physic engines, game engines, and eventually scope creeped to the point of never completing anything. But now, I want to revive that passion and see what the world of game programming looks like now. So I decided to learn Unity3d. I no longer have to worry about all the details, I can just focus on programming, and the unity way of doing things.


Yes Unity.

Learning Unity

Unity has such great tutorials! I listened to them at 2x speed since they are largely aimed at both the novice Unity user, and programmer in general. Barring the minor frustration of having someone explain how methods, variables, public, static, etc. etc. work, the tutorials were well worth it.

So far I have finished the following:

I added a bit of flair to my version of the space shooter to learn more about the system.

The Code

Unfortunately Unity does not appear to have the source control that I am use to. I am very use to using git. Instead, they want Asset Servers, of which I know nothing about.

So for my space shooter I have made all the extra code / divergent code available on my github account.

There are only a few differences between my project and the tutorial. They are centered around level challenge and when the player dies, all asteroids explode.

I will not be going over any of the code for that, but as I progress, hopefully, I’ll make a few posts about cool tips and tricks I have found for Game Programming and VR related gems.

The Game