Bullet Dodger

The first game I thought I would make would be a bullet dodger. The concept will not be much different than most bullet dodgers, except it will be a FPS style one.

Here is my scope, and hopefully I will not creep :)

  • Game Play
  • FPS style bullet dodger
  • Basic level with small structures to hide behind
  • Infinite level with progressively harder levels

  • Enemies
  • Random-ish flight patterns of enemies
  • No Modeling, just basic shapes offered by Unity.
  • A couple of different types of enemies, denoted by the type of gun they use

  • HUD
  • Score
  • radar
  • health

  • Effects
  • Screen Effects on being shot
  • Particle Effects on bullets

I want to build so many more features, but I am intentionally limiting it to what I believe I can accomplis in a small amount of time.

The project

It is open source and can be found here: Bullet Dodger

Here are a few links that really helped me create this game. Most of this is very simple.